This is the course web site for ENG 464: Film Criticism, which I taught at Western Washington University in spring 2018.

There were three projects during the quarter.

The first was a collectively-written festival review of the second annual Cascadia International Women’s Film Festival that took place in Bellingham in early April. The review can be found here on the web site of the Pacific Northwest Media Research Consortium.

The second project was a piece of creative critical writing, which for most class members meant bringing media criticism together with the personal essay.

The third project was a work of videographic criticism—in other words, using audiovisual media to reflect critically on audiovisual media.

Course participants workshopped both of their last two projects, and then chose one of them to carry through final revisions and present here.

I hope you enjoy this sampling of work from the class, and that you also gain new insight into the films, TV shows, and video games explored here. Thank you for visiting!

–Greg Youmans

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